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Paternity Testing


In certain circumstances it is desirable to know the paternity of a child before the child is born. However it is also important to know that the procedures used to collect a fetal sample from a pregnant woman increase the chance of miscarriage (please consult with a physician). All prenatal testing is done at the discretion of the mother's physician.

Depending on the age of the fetus, either a Chorionic Villi Sample or an amniocentesis sample can be collected. Typically CVS is best performed between the 11th and 12th week of pregnancy and involves retrieving a 20 mg sample of the placenta either trans-abdominally or trans-cervically. If the pregnancy goes past 10 weeks, it is also possible to perform a DNA paternity test using amniotic fluid sample, which is obtained trans-abdominally. The recommended best time for amniocentesis is between 16-20 weeks of pregnancy when there is more amniotic fluid present. Both procedures need to be performed in a medical setting and the cost will be the responsibility of the tested parties.

In prenatal tests, it is important to collect a sample from the mother of the child to confirm that the fetal sample has not been contaminated with maternal DNA. While the child’s sample must be collected by a physician in a hospital setting, the samples from the mother and alleged father can be collected in one of our third party specimen collection sites.

To order a prenatal DNA test, call customer service at 800-742-3944 opt#3