Whether you're referring individuals or aiding in the collection of samples, as an Orchid Cellmark affiliate, you connect clients with a convenient, professional and reliable way to conduct DNA testing.


Becoming an Orchid Cellmark broker lets you expand your revenue potential by introducing new clients to the many DNA testing services provided by Orchid Cellmark.

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Member Benefits

Orchid Cellmark empowers its affiliates and brokers with the necessary tools and incentives to grow their businesses. Here are just some of the many benefits you can begin taking advantage of as an Orchid Cellmark affiliate or broker.

Affiliate Benefits

Orchid Cellmark combines fast, reliable and accurate DNA testing for your customers, with incentives for you. Once registered in our Partner Network, you will be credited anytime customers you refer order with your Affiliate code.

Broker Benefits

Tiered Pricing Structure means higher profitability as sales increase

Top quality and customizable marketing materials

Clients can place orders directly from your website

Personalized branded website set up once sales reach the Preferred Level

Why Orchid Cellmark?
  • Accuracy and reliability continue to be the defining cornerstone of Orchid Cellmark's success for almost 30 years.
  • With five genetic testing laboratories on two continents, Orchid Cellmark is one of the largest providers of identity testing services in the world.
  • Orchid Cellmark has been at the forefront of quality assurance in parentage, relationship and forensic identity analysis. Past high profile casework includes 9/11 victim identification, the Unabomber and JonBenĂ©t Ramsey cases.