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Orchid utilizes a network of over 5000 collection sites worldwide.

Orchid Cellmark holds multiple accreditations from various organizations and adheres to the standards of each accrediting organization. Compliance by our laboratories to these accreditation requirements provides assurance to our clients that test results provided by Orchid Cellmark are of the highest quality. Clink on the links above to learn more about our accreditations.
Immigration Testing

DNA Immigration testing is conducted at the request of either the Department of State or Department of Homeland Security. It will provide additional proof of a paternity, maternity or kinship relationship.


How it works

A DNA immigration test is a paternity, maternity or kinship test performed to determine if two or more individuals are biologically related. A DNA immigration test is performed solely at the request of either the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through one of its USCIS offices or the Department of State (DOS), through one of the US Embassies abroad. Orchid Cellmark is a government-approved vendor

In order to conduct a test, painless cheek swab samples are collected from all the parties, including those in the US and abroad. Orchid Cellmark works closely with the US Embassies in more than 100 countries abroad to ensure that the samples are collected as quickly as possible. Appointments within the US can be made within 24 hours on a nation-wide basis. Orchid Cellmark also facilitates the secure and timely shipment of all samples to our accredited DNA testing laboratory in the US.

Orchid Cellmark recognizes that the immigration of a family member to the US is extremely important and understands the importance of an accurate, confidential and timely service.

With a rapid turnaround time you will not have a long wait for your results. Your results will be either 0.00% or 99.99% or greater in routine tests (paternity or maternity). The results will be sent to the Petitioner by mail and to the US government agency by courier.

We are ready to guide you through this process when you are ready to proceed.

Your Test Options

DNA Maternity Test
A DNA maternity test will test the relationship between a child and his/her alleged mother.

DNA Paternity Test
A DNA paternity test will test the relationship between a child and his/her alleged father.

DNA Kinship Test
A DNA kinship test will test the relationship between two or more individuals to assess if they are biologically related.

FEES (Testing fee includes sample collection(s) within the U.S.) 
Paternity $275 per person
Maternity $275 per person
Kinship $275 per person


Credit Card, Check or Money Order
To provide our customers with easy and multiple methods of payment we accept the following credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa.

Other ways to pay include Western Union, money order or certified check.