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Orchid utilizes a network of over 5000 collection sites worldwide.

Orchid Cellmark holds multiple accreditations from various organizations and adheres to the standards of each accrediting organization. Compliance by our laboratories to these accreditation requirements provides assurance to our clients that test results provided by Orchid Cellmark are of the highest quality. Clink on the links above to learn more about our accreditations.
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Orchid Cellmark holds multiple accreditations with third party agencies. By holding these accreditations, Orchid Cellmark must adhere to all of the standards of each of the accrediting organizations. These standards cover all steps in a genetic test from the initial specimen collection through to the issuance of the final results. Adherence to these standards by our laboratories provides assurance to the client that the test results are of the highest quality.

Orchid Cellmark consistently goes above and beyond the requirements of our accrediting agencies. With over 20 years in continual quality assessments and process improvements Orchid Cellmark delivers high quality service. Orchid Cellmark ensures that quality is a top priority at all times.

Orchid Cellmark is qualified to conduct paternity testing through these accreditations and compliance with the following organizations:

The AABB, formally the American Association of Blood Banks, is the most widely accepted accrediting body in the field of human identity for parentage testing. Orchid Cellmark has been accredited under the AABB Parentage Testing Accreditation Program for more than 20 years and continues to maintain this accreditation. The AABB issues a set of standards in order to ensure quality to the end user for all DNA parentage tests performed at accredited labs performing sanctioned testing. An on-site assessment by the AABB is conducted every two years for compliance with these standards. The Dayton, OH is accredited by the AABB.
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the largest developer of standards worldwide. ISO standards are voluntary and require compliance with a set of quality standards that are based on an extensive quality management system. Orchid Cellmark Dayton is in compliance with ISO 17025 standards through the Standards Council of Canada, an external auditing agency.
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services. Although CLIA does not apply to paternity testing, it is intended for all laboratories that conduct testing on human specimens for health assessment or for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease. Orchid Cellmark Dayton holds certification by CLIA for other processes and abides by the regulations set forth in the CLIA standards.
NY State Department of Health (NYSDOH) monitors the overall quality of testing conducted on specimens obtained in New York State by out-of-state laboratories. The state’s Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP) ensures the accuracy and reliability of results obtained through on-site inspections, proficiency testing, and evaluation of personnel qualifications. Orchid Cellmark has been accredited by New York State since 1997 and undergoes an on-site assessment every 2 years by an external assessor.
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